Rideau Supply Story...
and Most Likely Yours as Well!

Our story, like most of yours, had a simple and singularly focused beginning. One (or maybe two) people with just enough expertise, and more than enough passion to serve their friends and customers needs. That is how it began for us and what it’s still all about today.

It is the reason why Ron Fournier & Pat Kehoe started serving drillers in 1975, and why Earl Nafziger began serving plumbers and pump installers in 1990. These men believed that the long-term success of their friends and customers businesses would be their greatest achievement. Their personal passion and belief are now the personal and professional passion of over 100 Rideau Team Members who come together to serve you every day.

For many of us, over time it does feel like everything has changed. Along the way we have grown and gotten wiser, but the truth is nothing much has really changed at all. We are just a larger bunch of people with enough expertise, and more than enough passion to serve our friends and customers needs. And, we still believe that the long-term success of our friends and customers businesses will continue to be our greatest achievement.

Rideau … Our Pro’s Know How and Why We Do it.

Who We Are & What's Important To Us


H2O is The "Chemical Symbol" for Water.  And Water is our Business.  H2H is Our "Chemical Symbol" for the Human to Human experience.  Our greatest value and strength is and will always be about people. It's a human to human thing


  • Expert knowledge, which supports our customer’s ongoing success in the market place.
  • Providing the highest quality products delivered at the right price for our customers and their market
  • Hiring and developing of industry leading talent, that will enhance our customers success

Guiding Principles

  • Expertise
  • Quality
  • Mutual profitability
  • Collegial and collaborative environment
  • One team for the sake of the customer
  • Personal accountability for results and outcomes


To empower every employee to create sustainable growth, build a culture of continuous improvement, and provide second to none industry knowledge, service, and quality to our customers.